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Moxibustion Hamper

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Elevate Your Wellness with Our Moxibustion Hamper: A Holistic Journey to Health and Relaxation

Immerse yourself in the ancient art of moxibustion with our thoughtfully curated Moxibustion Hamper, designed to bring balance and tranquility to your holistic well-being. This exquisite collection combines a state-of-the-art smoke containment moxibustion device, Moxi capsules, a stylish glass tumbler with a glass straw, and a heavenly herbal neck pillow infused with the essence of mugwort herb (艾草).

*Not suitable for Pregnant, High Blood Pressure, Mugwort allergy, Persistent Headaches, Heatiness, Respiratory illnesses, Breathing difficulties*

Key Components of the Moxibustion Hamper:

1. Smoke Containment Moxibustion Device: Experience the therapeutic benefits of moxibustion without the inconvenience of smoke. Our innovative smoke containment moxibustion device allows you to enjoy the ancient practice with ease and comfort. Crafted for modern living, this device ensures a seamless and smoke-free moxibustion experience, promoting balance and vitality.

2. Moxi Capsules: Our Moxibustion Hamper includes premium moxi capsules, meticulously formulated with the finest mugwort herb (艾草). These capsules are designed for use with the moxibustion device, offering a convenient and controlled way to incorporate the healing properties of mugwort into your wellness routine.

3. Glass Tumbler with Glass Straw: Sip and savor your favorite herbal infusions in style with our glass tumbler and straw. The tumbler is not only a chic accessory for your daily rituals but also a sustainable choice for those committed to reducing their environmental footprint. Embrace the purity of glass as you elevate your hydration experience.

4. Herbal Neck Pillow with Mugwort Herb (艾草): Indulge in relaxation with our herbal neck pillow, expertly crafted to provide comfort and serenity. Filled with the aromatic essence of mugwort herb, this pillow enhances your relaxation experience, promoting a sense of calmness and rejuvenation. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or incorporating into your self-care routine. The herbal neck pillow acts as a reusable heat pillow.

How to Use:

  1. Moxibustion Device: Follow the included instructions for a seamless and smoke-free moxibustion experience.
  2. Moxi Capsules: Insert the moxi capsules into the device and let the therapeutic properties of mugwort herb work their magic.
  3. Glass Tumbler: Enjoy your favorite herbal teas or infusions, embracing the clarity and elegance of glass.
  4. Herbal Neck Pillow: Heat up your neck pillow. Simply place the herbal neck pillow around your neck and let the soothing warmth and fragrance envelop you in a cocoon of relaxation.


Elevate your well-being with the harmonious blend of modern innovation and ancient wisdom in our Moxibustion Hamper. Embrace the power of mugwort herb and embark on a journey of health and relaxation that transcends time.

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