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Prices exclude GST.
^Treatments are done by certain physicians only
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Consultation 问诊

Principal Physician:
First consultation
Subsequent consultation

$100 - $150
$70 - 100

First consultation
Subsequent consultation

$80 - 120
$60 - $100

House Call (Trip fee on top of consultation and treatment fees)


Teleconsult (Only for existing patients)


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Fertility 备孕


See consultation

Herbal Medication

$7 to $20

Fertility acupuncture


Fertility acupuncture package (3 sessions)


Fertility acupuncture package (6 sessions)


Fertility acupuncture package (10 sessions)


*Packages is inclusive of consultation for each session.

Sperm analysis (2 times)*


*Sperm sample sent to andrology lab in Orchard. First analysis done before start of TCM treatment, second analysis done after a certain period of TCM Treatment

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Herbal Medicine 中药

Consultation charges apply
Powdered Herbal Medicine*

$7 - $20/day

Prescription Herbal Syrup


Capsule (1-2 capsule a day)


Tablets (4-8 tablets a day)


TCM Herbal lozenges


Bu Sheng Yi Jing Wan 补肾益精丸


Pain ointment 青龙膏


Wuji Bai Feng Wan 乌鸡白凤丸


Plaster (Herb Soothe plaster)


Plaster (Balm plaster)


Plaster/Bandage for sports injury 黑药膏


*Herbal medication price per day is dependent on the number of packets prescribed per day.
*Medicine comes in powdered form to be dissolved in warm water before consumption.

Packages 配套

Specialized Acupuncture + Consultation:
3 Sessions


6 Sessions


10 sessions


Standard Acupuncture + Consultation:
3 Sessions


6 Sessions


10 Sessions)


Terms and Conditions:
1. Packages have no expiry date
2. Prices subjected to GST

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Acupuncture 针灸

Consultation charges apply
Standard acupuncture
- General health
- Pain Management
- Stroke


Specialized acupuncture
- Fertility
- Hair loss
- Weight management
- Facial
- Labour induction^


Additional needles (per area)


Auricular (ear) acupuncture


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Moxibustion 艾灸

Consultation charges apply


Smokeless moxibustion lamp


Acupuncture moxi (on top of acupuncture price)^


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Cupping 拔罐

Consultation charges apply
Vacuum cupping


Fire cupping^


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Guasha 刮痧

Consultation charges apply



Tuina 推拿

Consultation charges apply
Tuina - Short^


Tuina - Long^


Pediatrics Tuina


** Tuina session to be booked via WhatsApp only **
^Tuina is not massage and the session is not charged based on duration. 
^Tuina are done by certain physicians only.

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Herbal Pouch 草药袋

Eyes Herbal Pouch


Waist Herbal Pouch


Neck Herbal Pouch


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Confinement Packages 坐月子配套

TCM Customized Confinement Package

Price: $550.00 (excl. GST)

Our customized confinement package is designed to meet the unique needs of each new mother, especially for those who may have experienced complications during pregnancy or childbirth, such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes. We understand that every mother has different dietary and health requirements, and we strive to tailor our confinement package to meet those individual needs. With our customized package, you can rest assured that your specific needs and preferences will be taken into account to provide you with the best possible care during your postpartum recovery. Contact us to learn more about how we can support you during this important time.

The package comes with the following:

  • A consultation with our Physician before your delivery
  • 28 Days of convenient powdered medication, customized and tailored to your body needs, no brewing required
  • 28 Days of herbs for bath (can be used for body or foot)
  • Maternity bag
Download our Confinement Package Brochure here:
Click to purchase our confinement package.