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Massage by Babies Bliss (Dhoby Ghaut, Plaza Singapura)



Ladies wellness therapy Abdomen massage + thermal wellness therapy (Total 60 mins)


Home visit

Same price as above but min 7 sessions to be purchased

Prices exclude GST.
^Massage is carried out at Babies Bliss

Massage is done at Plaza Singapura

Yi TCM collaborates with Babies Bliss for ladies massages.

Located at Dhoby Ghaut, Plaza Singapura, their team of highly skilled and certified therapists is dedicated to providing you with the utmost care and attention. With years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine and massage techniques, they tailor each session to meet your unique needs and preferences. 

Whether you seek relief from stress, muscle tension, or a soothing pampering session, their therapists have the expertise to deliver a rejuvenating experience

post natal massage
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Massages at Yi TCM is provided by Babies Bliss, a licensed massage establishment under Singapore Police Force. Babies Bliss has been very well known for helping many women improve their fertility health and conceive. Focused on women’s massage, they are highly specialized in womens health, fertility, prenatal and post natal.

At Babies Bliss, a specialized fertility massage service in Singapore, offers a distinctive approach to enhance women’s fertility. Unlike the conventional Sengkak massage method, which emphasizes pushing and lifting movements, Babies Bliss’ therapists are trained in the Wellness technique.

Developed by Angelia Ng, a prominent fertility specialist in Singapore, this technique integrates Western methodology with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices. Unlike traditional fertility massages, this approach aims to optimize your body for conceiving the child you desire through a series of tailored massage sessions.

Their good understanding of TCM practices is also the reason why we chose them as a collaboration partner for massages. 

Relieve your anxiety and feel at ease before you have your baby with a massage made for you as a mother-to-be. Babies Bliss’ therapist’s tender techniques will ensure you’re positively charged for your upcoming delivery. 

Babies Bliss’ therapists consider your lifestyle and well-being, performing varying techniques accommodating your needs. From preconception to parenthood, they’re the leading provider in helping ladies conceive through massages. They hold the highest in ensuring wellness during pregnancy and post-delivery recuperation.

Research shows that regular prenatal massages prior to delivery have helped new mums be supply ready when breastfeeding.

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Steadily recuperate and care for your body after bearing your baby with a postnatal massage designed to decrease discomfort and tension. Babies Bliss therapists factor in any new or upcoming adjustments you may face, from childbirth and the caring required for your newborn.

All of these are trained in offering a holistic massage using essential oils to blend into the body and enhance the healing and wellbeing of new moms in Singapore. Every therapist of Babies Bliss understands the importance of skin, being the largest organ in your body, which is why they use blended oil to help with nourishment via absorption.

Whether you require any treatment from preconception to parenthood, Babies Bliss is the leading provider in helping ladies with conception through massages, pregnancy and post delivery recuperation. Their specialized techniques in easy sessions help prepare the body for recovery and enhance the breastfeeding experience.