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Herbal Medicine

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Herbal Medicine 中药

1 packet a day*


2 packets a day*


3 packets a day*


4 packets a day*


Prescription Herbal Syrup


Bu Sheng Yi Jing Wan 补肾益精丸


Wuji Bai Feng Wan 乌鸡白凤丸


Capsule (1-2 capsule a day)


Tablets (4-8 tablets a day)


Plaster/Bandage for sports injury 黑药膏


TCM Herbal lozenges


Plaster (Herb Soothe plaster)


Plaster (Balm plaster)


Prices exclude GST.
^Treatments are done by certain physicians only

*Medicine is usually twice a day
*Medicine comes in powdered form to be dissolved in warm water before consumption

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At Yi TCM, we have over 180 different herbal powders to make your herbal medicine concoction based on your individual body needs. After considering your specific ailments and needs, our physician examines what is most suited for you. We will then precisely and carefully prepare a special blend that is unique for you, and one that will help you best.

it is both convenient and simple, as it is a powdered blend. This allows you to just pour it in warm water and enjoy as per instructed!

@yitcmsg Its a common misconception that TCM medicines contains steroids! Physician Lee is here to clear the air 🌬️ #misconceptions #physicianlee #steriods #tcm #medicine ♬ original sound - yitcm